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The importance of STEAM education has been widely acknowledged across Europe and is in high demand. The development of STEAM competencies among the general population has been acknowledged as one of the top EU priorities. The EU has set ambitious goals: to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, to find pathways to create new jobs and to offer a sense of direction to our societies. (“Europe 2020: Commission proposes new economic strategy in Europe”)

In the future, increasingly focused on innovation, inclusion and sustainability, STEAM education and entrepreneurship will be more linked than ever before as they go hand-in-hand. The competencies developed in STEAM – creativity, problem-solving, analytical thinking, adaptability, etc. are equally important for the development of a successful entrepreneur. Both, STEAM and Entrepreneurship education, result in producing individuals who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, values collaboration and work through the creative process to solve the real-life problems.

By introducing research (R) and arts (A) to traditional STEM, as one of the core elements of discovering new knowledge, STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and math), will provide a well-rounded learning experience. Thus, the project “STREAMpreneur” aims to improve youth entrepreneurial skills, promote innovation and sustainable solutions to real-life problems existing in Europe and beyond, by introducing “STREAM Entrepreneurship” among youth workers and providing them with knowledge and tools to implement it their daily youth work.

Main objectives of the project:

1) Develop and enhance the quality of youth work offered in regard to entrepreneurial learning by providing “social agents” (youth workers, trainers, etc.) with the knowledge, mindset, skills and tools needed to implement “STEAM entrepreneurship” in their daily activities;

2) Provide youth organizations with competencies for the incorporation of complementary actions to formal education for the personal, social and professional development of young people;

3) Empower youth through the development of 21st-century skills as well as the adoption of entrepreneurial thoughts and behavior;

4) Promote sustainable entrepreneurship, development of new start-ups and workplaces among youth;

5) Promote innovation and inspire young people to become drivers for future growth, finding and developing the sustainable solutions for emerging problems societies are facing;

Main outcomes:

1) “Guidelines for “STREAM Entrepreneurship” approach implementation in youth work”

The guidelines will provide guidance to organizations active in youth work regarding integration of STREAM Entrepreneurship approach in their activities/Programmes for youth.

2) “E-course platform – Empowering Drivers for Future Growth”

The platform will offer e-courses to support youth workers/trainers in their utilization of the STREAM entrepreneurship approach in their activities/programs with youth. The important element of the platform is also a space for social learning, where users can exchange knowledge, good practices, etc., learn from and empower each other.

The project will target European youth workers/trainer and youth organization searching for support to develop new or update existing entrepreneurship programs that has lost its attractiveness and effectiveness.

The project expects to have 100 youth workers/trainers, 100 youth and 50 stakeholders directly involved in project activities.

Project will:

  • Raise awareness and increase capacity and motivation of youth workers/trainers and youth organizations and other stakeholders to incorporate STREAM entrepreneurship approach in their youth activities to foster the innovation mindset and help the local community;
  • Increase the cooperation among stakeholders working towards the same goal i.e. modernization of their entrepreneurship education activities and youth work as a whole.
  • In the long term, reduce youth unemployment by implementing STREAM entrepreneurship approach and development of STREAM start-ups.

The long-term plan is for youth workers/trainers to continue using the e-learning platform by attending courses and contributing with their ideas, knowledge, and tools. We also expect associated partners and stakeholders will create spin-off opportunities and developments based on the project’s approach and outputs. This will ensure the continuation of innovation in youth work regarding entrepreneurship education in Europe and beyond.

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