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Galleria degli Scrovegni 7, 35121 – Padova, Italy
Via della Croce Rossa 32, 35129 – Padova, Italy

Eduforma is an Educational Center accredited in Veneto Region for Lifelong Learning training interventions (VET), as well as for Guidance Services and Labour. Founded in 2003, was born as a company that has for object the drafting, marketing, organization and delivery of training interventions, information and professional guidance.
The structure has always favored the monitoring of human resources in companies, starting with an analysis of employees, instead of the organization, and was one of the first in Veneto to introduce skills assessment logic and rewarding systems.
Eduforma offers training and management consulting services; it is specialized in the development of human resources, increasing people’s skills to face professional problems concerning their specific competences in the company where they work.
Concentrating on the continuous improvement of business organization, Eduforma helps the management making strategic choices, from the analysis of needs to the intervention planning, from their accomplishment to the analysis of the results.
Eduforma pursues its missions supporting organizations in increasing their manager’s decision-making skills, responsibility, ability to manage emergencies and the development of teamwork.
Eduforma is also involved in the production, import and marketing of software and ICT solutions. Coherently with its values, Eduforma has adopted the quality management system in compliance with the regulation ISO 9001:2008.
The achievement of this Certification is for Eduforma an essential instrument to head, control and manage the company.
Part of the consolidation and development philosophy, whose primary essence is customer satisfaction, is planning the path leading to a complete quality and share it with the whole company team.
Eduforma supports companies to comply with the rules of the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 “Corporate social responsibility”, through the adoption of a corporate Organizational Model which ensures to the business customers: the monitoring of the activities, the mapping of business areas at risk of committing corporate crimes, the processing behavioral models, the establishment of a supervisory body in charge of monitoring the functioning and observance of the models. Currently Eduforma, accredited by the Veneto Region for Lifelong Learning interventions, as well as for Guidance Services and Labour, has an important and prestigious portfolio of clients and a significant presence in various locations nationwide.
Our team is specialized in the drafting and management of projects financed by the ESF and the EU.
We are specialized in corporate restructuring and corporate training, adult and youth training, HR and employment services. Eduforma offers to SMEs and Social Enterprise the following services:

– MANAGERIAL CONSULTANCY: HR Outsourcing, Organizational analysis, Project Management, Business strategy & development, Business model, Business planning, temporary management;
– PERSONAL & CORPORATE COACHING: Goal definition, Priority, time, stress and change management, getting out damaging habits, Motivation strengthening, Overcoming limiting convincement, Mood and emotion supervision, Communication improvement;
– CORPORATE TRAINING: Analysis of the training needs, Annual Training Plan, Planning of aimed training actions, Identification of financing for training, Final control and assessment of the action effectiveness.

Accredited by Veneto Region as provider of Lifelong Learning and VET interventions, as well as for Guidance Labor Services, Eduforma drafts, coordinates and manages training projects funded by the Veneto Region (through the ESF), targeted to unemployed youth and adults.
Eduforma is accredited as “Youth Corner” to implement the European plan “Youth Guarantee”.
From 2014 to Eduforma has implemented 54 Youth Guarantee projects involving almost 430 young NEETs.
In the last 4 years Eduforma has regularly implemented training courses on basic and further specialist education in different fields, targeted both to high skilled and low skilled human resources.
Thanks to the implementations of different projects – Eduforma has now a strong experience in new model of training methods development.
Eduforma is now involved in the implementation of the 12nd cycle of Erasmus for young entrepreneurs (EYE) and previously implemented the 10th and the 7th cycle.
Thanks to the implementation of the EYE, Eduforma is now helping new entrepreneurs in developing own “Business Plan” and management skills. Eduforma took part, as lead applicant, in the Grundtvig Workshop entitled “The E-Factor: Employability, Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Europe” and, as partner in the Grundtvig titled: “Development of key competences in disadvantaged group”.
Eduforma, finally, is implementing 4 Erasmus Plus – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices “Strategic Partnership” projects, as partner, with 4 different Consortia. The 1st project “SUYSE” is on Social Entrepreneurial skills, the 2nd “YMEC” is on entrepreneurship education and management among young people, the 3rd “Community Guarantee” is on the exchange of good practices on “Youth Guarantee” programme and the 4th “NextGen4SC” is on Supply chain sector and in specific, on the creations of a Methodology and training tolls for youngsters willing to work in Logistic fields.
Eduforma has implemented the DG Employment pilot action “Reactivate” in the framework of EASI programme.
Finally, Eduforma is managing, as Coordinator, an Erasmus+ KA2 VET innovative project – EILM (Emotional Intelligence on Labour Market) and as partner, and Erasmus Plus KA2 Adult project titled Edustorytelling.



UL. PROJEKTOWA 4, 20-209 LUBLIN, Poland

University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) is a non-state higher education institution, funded in 2001. WSEI offers full university degree Programmes in a range of academic disciplines.
With over 6 000 students (of which approx. 80 % extramural learners), is a nationally recognized university, demonstrating a commitment to engage in partnerships with EU organizations and institutions to support education, training and research.
According to national ranking “Perspectives” 2017- WSEI is located on 1st place of non-public universities in Region and 18th on general national list.
From 6 years WSEI regularly receives certificate “The School of Leaders” issued by The Foundation of High Education Development.
WSEI offers a distinctive educational experience, through a range of vocationally related courses / undergraduate, graduate; postgraduate courses, incl. economics, management, computer science, supported by a strong research and knowledge transfer activities (Centre for Information Technology and Transport Safety).
All programs offered by WSEI are accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and qualified for relevant grants.
WSEI has also introduced the ECTS points system to
apply the EU standards in terms of recognition of our diploma internationally.
Lately, WSEI is also implementing a modular system of teaching at nearly all fields of studies.
The educational offer of University is constantly modified to match up the demands of the labor market, which is expressed by creating new programs and specialties.
The high level of educational process ismaintained by almost 400 diligently selected didactic staff with proper academic degrees and necessary academic experience.
WSEI also possess excellent didactic facilities (11 laboratories, e.g. modern audio-visual and multimedia labs) to support teaching and learning experience and build bridges between education, business and industry.
The University maintains close co-operation with many education institutions across Europe, adopting an increasingly international outlook, and is committed to maintaining a high level of research arising from scientific programs along with the development of the collaborative links with industry, commerce and also R;D sector on an international level.
The Project Team at WSEI has an extensive experience in preparing applications, implementing and coordinating projects, which have been selected for funding under the range of EU initiatives.
Research in the University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin is supported by the Centre for Projects and International Cooperation as well as Finance Department, which are both experienced in assisting with the budgetary and management of EU founded projects. In the field of the EU funded projects we have an experience with Erasmus (studies, work placements, intensive Programmes multilateral projects), LDV (VETPRO, TOI) and other initiatives on national and international level. We have also acted as experts for other EU projects.

WSEI has extensive experience in EU projects development on national and international level.
The core activities are focused on education process of children and youth, through vocational guidance, initiation and support of entrepreneurial activities, creating changes that have a significant impact on socio-economic development in the region.
As result, 42 176 pupils of secondary schools and 1 670 employees of labor market institutions participated in the projects implemented by the Centre.
The Programmes were addressed to people from different social backgrounds, such as: employees of public and private sector, entrepreneurs, unemployed, youth from lower secondary schools and upper secondary schools.
The Centre for Projects and International Cooperation is focused on preparation and implementation of the following types of projects: Educational projects, Research projects, Training projects; International projects.
University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin founded the Academic High School Sport Championship.
It started its activity from 1st of September 2013 year.
The objective of the school was to create possibilities of combining effective sports training with giving good results of teaching at the high school level.
The international group of students represent 25 different countries as well as cultures: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Nigeria, Georgia, Guinea Bissau, Uzbekistan, Norway, Nepal, Belarus, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Belize as well as representatives from Poland.
WSEI is the only one university (among private and public ones) offering full study Programmes in English and the only one in Lubelskie Region having 4 study Programmes open to international students.
Due to these activities WSEI was nominated to Innovation Prize 2017 among Polish Universities.

Amadeus Association


The Amadeus Association (AA) is a non-profit transnational education agency and training institute offering vocational guidance, language training, professional seminars as well as high quality internship placements for young workers and graduates. The AA is an institute with 4 university tutors and student housing of 18 fully equipped apartments with WLAN internet access and cleaning service. Two tutors are responsible for following up the training paths and assisting the participants during their stay in Austria. The Amadeus Association hosts 700 participants from more than 30 countries worldwide each year on an average 3 month stay in Austria. Amadeus Association has been managing mobility projects for 20 years offering a complete package with airport pick-up, housing, tuition, cultural introduction, guidance during job interviews, evaluation of seminars and internships as well as selection of corresponding placements for all educational levels. Owing to the experience of the Amadeus Association in EU-programmes, a smooth and successful programme is guaranteed. The AA co-operates with more than 280 SMEs in all major economic sectors as well as in environmental industries and services. The AA has also been active in various KA2 and KA3 projects thanks to its large network of companies and institutions in Austria. After the success in its participation in the KA3 SME GAP Project, whose aim was to “build capacities of intermediary bodies” to support apprenticeships in SMEs, Amadeus has gained in know-how and partnerships to promote the Austrian the DUAL VET training in at an European level. Thanks to its strong cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Education, the Amadeus Association firmly believes in the transfer of knowledge to promote the benefits of apprenticeship programmes around Europe. The network of Amadeus Association includes the Ministry of Education
and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce who are the principal Stakeholders in Vocational Training in Austria. In particular, the two year participation in the KA3 Policy Reform Project, whose aim was to “build capacities of intermediary bodies” to support apprenticeships in SMEs, has given Amadeus Association a wide know how in this matter as well as a broad contact to all main Austrian Stakeholders directly involved in vocational training.


STRADA BORSEC NR 4 AP 56, 400408 – CLUJ NAPOCA, Romania


Fundatia Danis pentru Dezvoltare Manageriala (Fundatia Danis) is a non-profit organization, established in 2000. Fundatia Danis promotes and supports the professional excellence and social responsibility of current and would-be managers and entrepreneurs, through management development, youth development and entrepreneurship education programmes.§
Fundatia Danis main expertise is on youth professional development and entrepreneurship education. Annually, Fundatia Danis works with approximately 100-150 young people (16-25 years old). For instance, in 2018, Fundatia Danis had a positive impact in the professional development, entrepreneurship and financial knowledge and competences of more than 140 young people (university students and young entrepreneurs). During the same year, we provided several training courses on storytelling and design thinking for young entrepreneurs, youth workers and young people. Moreover, the foundation involved more than 40 managers from companies in the internship and entrepreneurship projects run throughout the year. These projects were almost completely financed and supported by local and multinational companies, and European Commission, through Erasmus+ Programme and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.        In the last fifteen years, Fundatia Danis developed its expertise in supporting young people and young entrepreneurs through 22 internship projects for university students, reaching over 1300 young people, apprenticeship projects for vocational high school students (three projects), and through 14 entrepreneurship or financial education projects. At the same time, Fundatia Danis worked with young managers and experienced entrepreneurs, and over 50 companies, in order to involve them more and better in the socio-economic development of the communities where they work. So far, Fundatia Danis has been working in four Erasmus+ projects (KA2 for youth) on CSR and SMEs supporting youth organizations; social entrepreneurship; digital skills; and media and communication, all targeting young people and youth workers from Europe. Moreover, through one of its trainers, Fundatia Danis was involved in several training courses for youth workers on CSR & fundraising, storytelling for NGOs, and entrepreneurship, through Erasmus+ KA1 projects.  At the same time, Fundatia Danis has been working as an Intermediary Organization in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme since 2012, organizing so far 83 international exchanges between experienced and new entrepreneurs.



CALLE SANT ROC 6, 46600 – ALZIRA, Spain


Alzira is a Spanish city of 44.225 inhabitants located in the “Community of Valencia”, 40 km away from Valencia which is the third largest city in Spain. For many years and despite the economic crisis, the priorities of Alzira have been the economic and social development in order to offer the citizens the possibility to live in a fair and cohesive city. As a countryside city, Alzira had to face hardly the economic crisis in Spain. Few industries went bankrupt and the rate of unemployment highly increased from 7% in 2006 to reach its higher point in 20% in 2015. Nevertheless, since then, it’s slightly decreasing and in July 2018 it was of 12,17%.
The last data about unemployment (July 2018) shows that more than 63% of unemployed people are women. At the moment the service industry represents the 68,76% of the economy activity of Alzira. The project will be carried by the local development department of the City Council of Alzira: IDEA (Initiative for the local development of Alzira).
The Agency depends on the Economic and Employment Promotion Department of the City Council of Alzira (Valencia). IDEA aims for promotion economic development and employment in the city. Working within a social context of difficult economic conditions IDEA aims to provide comprehensive support for the unemployed and entrepreneurs alike.
Created in 1995, IDEA works in various fields to develop the city of Alzira and has demonstrated its capacities in the management of local, national and European projects. In 2007 IDEA received the prize of the best agency for the local development from the Community of Valencia. This price recognizes the work and the success of IDEA in the areas of entrepreneurship and local development. By Possessing a highly competent and efficient staff and versatile facilities (1200m2 of space) that are adaptable to a variety of diverse activities and programmes IDEA has strong structures in place to continue to develop their activities.
The mains areas of IDEA are:
– The labour orientation Service: IDEA supports unemployed people giving them assistance to find employment.
– The Public Employment Programme: gathered programs which directly generate jobs in Alzira.
– The Entrepreneurs service: This service aims to support entrepreneurship through the provision of services that strengthen business plans and support the entire start up process.
– The Training service: this service aims to improve the professional qualification of the groups with greater difficulties in accessing the labour market, and therefore enhance their return to working life.
– The European Programme: This service encourages the participation of the City Council in different projects. It also focuses on the European mobility and manages exchange projects for young people.

PersonnEl Training EOOD

Personnel Training EOOD
Petrohan 73, 7005 – Rousse, Bulgaria

Personnel Training EOOD, Rousse (Bulgaria), is a VET center, part of Personnel Holding AD and its main activity is focused at organizing and implementing vocational trainings, trainings in key competences, career guidance, participation in European programs and projects. As part of Personnel Holding AD organisation of which is part, Personnel Training EOOD team was involved, during last 3 years, in the development of more than 45 project ideas and project proposals under different programmes funded by the EU such as Erasmus+, COSME, EASI, H2020, Creative Europe, Daphne, INTERREG etc. So, even if Personnel Training was never involved in EU project, the team, as part of the biggest Personnel Holding team, have experience in EU project management in different Erasmus Plus projects. Since 2014, the center has successfully trained over 800 people, both working and unemployed, in various key competences in 5 different Bulgarian cities.

The company also has extensive experience in working under various European and national funded projects in the field of vocational training and qualification.
The experts of the company regularly participate in seminars and conferences related to vocational training methods and counselling in the field of professional guidance for unemployed. The company has built strong cooperation with various government institutions as its experts participate in various working groups on topics related to legislation reforms, strategies for lifelong learning, national qualification framework, exchange of experience and good training practices as well as in initiatives for integration of migrants for successful inclusion in the labour market and in the society in general.
Personnel Training EOOD strongly collaborates with the Bulgarian Employment Agency and Ministry of Labour and Social affairs in the implementation of the National Plan for Employment.
Among the most important training activities managed by the company are the following projects:

– “Training for Employment” project under the National Plan for Employment 2014 – Successful graduates: 400 unemployed persons: Profession “Tailor” specialty “Tailoring” Rousse, trained 120 people, town of Aytos, trained 20 people; Occupation “Maid” specialty “Hospitality” Yambol – 20 people trained, Pomorie – 20 people trained; Aheloy – 50 people trained; Occupation “Assistant in Construction” specialty “Major and finishing works”, Burgas – 25 people trained; Occupation “Salesman – Consultant” specialty “Salesman – Consultant”, Sofia – 120 people trained;

– Project “New Directions” under the National Plan for Employment 2015 – Successful graduates: 200 unemployed persons: Occupation “Computer operator” specialty “Text processing”, Rousse – 40 people trained and Vetovo – 40 people trained; Occupation “Salesperson – consultant” specialty “Salesman – consultant”, town of Ruse – 40 people trained and Tutrakan – 20 people trained; Occupation “Cashier” specialty “Cashier” Ruse – 20 people trained, Tutrakan – 20 people trained; Vetovo – 20 people trained.

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